To install the kit it requires you to have the end posts to attach the tensioners.

We love your product! It is an effective way to fence as well as an appealing view.
It s nice to be able to move the fencing when needed and never have to paint!

Dennis S .Maryland

2 #36W at 28 inches and 52 inches
Punch down
2 line insulators.
2 #36W at 28 inches and 52 inches Inter connector wire #59H from top strand to bottom strand.

Drive one stake using the stake driver. Open the spring of the pig tail washer (spool holder) to slide it down onto the post 2 feet from the grass. It will hold the spool in place. Set the second one for the second spool. Pass the tape through the loop.

Drive the gate stake at an angle so it can help hold the fence when you open your gate

Set the end of the tape i

n the squeezing buckle.