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How does it work?

The electric fencing tape system
provides an effective physical, visual and mental barrier
that the horse respects…

HorseGuard electric fencing recognized for its UNIQUE superior quality
is now available around the world…

But you won’t find it in stores!
Your direct order from the HorseGuard manufacturer
is delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days!

Order HorseGuard, spend less, sleep better!

What is the secret to HorseGuard Fence’s success?

  • HorseGuard Electric Fence tape was designed with your horse’s safety in mind for horse owners by an experienced horse breeder.
  • Backed by many years of extensive research and continual product improvement, for a safer, better quality fencing solution built to last.
  • Horses of all breeds, genders, sizes and ages can be safely confined.
  • Low costs due to no middleman .
  • prompt shipping /doorstep UPS delivery from our warehouse in Illinois
  • A permanent large stock is always on hand .
  • Proven to be successful and durable even in extreme weather conditions around the world.
  • Can be installed with existing fencing.
  • Intended for use as permanent or temporary fencing.
  • Unbelievable testimonials .

Customer Oriented

  • On-Line Catalog, Secure Order Shopping Cart
  • The entire fencing manual is also on-line and printable.
  • Great Customer Service by phone, fax or email.

Quality Design and Superior Construction

  • 1.5 inch electric tape with 10 wires in 30% thicker stainless steel, 31 polyethylene UV resistant yarns, and stout bumpers at the tape edges, making it a stiffer tape (not flimsy like other bad brands) to increase effectiveness and protect against wear.
  • Design reduces arcing caused by contact with vegetation.
  • The sturdy open weave greatly reduces movement in high winds, reducing friction at the post attachments and prolonging the life of the tape.
  • All metal parts are of stainless steel to strengthen the fencing system and prevent the rust that reduces connectivity.
  • Special, flexible plastic was developed to overcome global weather challenges

Easy Installation and More for Your Money

  • Customers repeatedly comment about the ease of installation of the HorseGuard fence system.
  • Instructions and Tips are provided online.
  • Representatives available by phone to answer questions about those more unusual fencing situations.
  • Your initial fencing investment is low cost for top quality, and your long term investment is made even better with reduced repairs and maintenance.
  • FREE fence manual +samples included with every shipment.
  • HorseGuard also offers very attractively priced Kits for specific use :
    • Round Pen Kit -Test Kit -T-Post Guard Kit – Temporary Grazing Kit
  • Compare the prices. Compare the quality. Compare the stiffness.
Why settle for less?
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