Diverter refill


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The lightening diverter #53A can be installed anywhere on the fence

  • -Attach it to the buckle of the tensioner with a 59GM connector
  • -Run the cable from the bottom of the diverter to it’s ground rod.

It is adjustable to suit any energiser, just increase or decrease the spark gap between the 2 brass tips. The lightning should NORMALLY find its way through the 2 brass tip to the ground bed. It might go through the diverter without leaving any trace or possibly destroy it. Lightning diverters do not arrest or stop the flow of current from a lightning strike. When properly installed they offer a quicker way to the ground.


For the best protection, unplug the charger and disconnect it from the fence before severe storms.
Lightning strikes can be quite severe and damaging.
We make no claim to be able to totally prevent this damage.

Download and print the pdf file.

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