Spring Gate handle


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#11 insulated handle

Stainless steel
On springs
4 cm wide ribbon

Handle with spring, insulated, suitable for tape, in stainless steel.
It hooks onto 36V turnbuckles.
A door, whether made of “hard” or tape, means that the tape is interrupted. It is therefore necessary to install a 36V tensioner on each side of the door, which also allows, if the latter is made of tape, not to relax the entire fence each time the door opens.
Thus, for a fence comprising two heights of tape, you will need 4 36V turnbuckles for a door.

If you wish, you can remove the barb from the 36V tensioner buckle on the side where the handle hooks. This will prevent it from “dangling”.

You will fix the tape used to make the door by proceeding as shown in the photos below.


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