Mono-Polar Tapes

The mono-Polar and the Bi-Polar fence tapes are made of
29 totally UV resistant polyethylene threads,
2 stout bumpers and a combination of 10
wires interwoven into the top and bottom bumpers at the tape edges.
Each tape has a total of 10 stainless steel wires. Our stainless steel wires sizes are
26 Gauge/ 0.404mm. The larger the wire, the more electricity it will carry!
This combination has been added to provide cut protection and prevent
elongation, making it a stiffer tape, increasing strength,
effectiveness and protecting against wear.
Long before, when we invented the tape we had 15 wires but much thinner ones.
Our best counterfeiters copy that ribbon with too thin wires now.

Our tapes are top quality wide and sturdy, made in Europe, not in China.


HorseGuard Insulators

Our insulators are easy and fast to set up, one per post, per strand
To resist perfectly to the mechanical friction due to the force of the winds the electric tape must tightly be blocked into our insulators, firmly squeezed between the rounded caps that will protect the stainless steel threads from being damaged over time.


The design of the #8 was inspired by the tuning peg that tightens the strings on a violin, it is easy and fast to install . Just turn the 2 pegs and the tape will be secured into place !
Be aware of some insulators designs that can pinch the tape and cut it over time and your horse will know before you that the zapping has become very weak!that. Be aware of some insulators designs that can pinch the tape and cut it overtime and your horses will know before you that the zapping has become weak!.

The Electric Tape fence post insulators #8bl, 8gr, 8br: You will need one per post per strand. Made out of flexible plastic and designed to protect the tape from unnecessary wear, the line post insulators can be screwed into wood posts, strapped to t-posts, or slide over 1/2″ fiberglass fence stakes (#7A). As with all of the HorseGuard parts, the insulators have been designed exclusively for HorseGuard tape.

HorseGuard insulators Attachments


Wood Screws #8X

Wire Ties / Polyamide Straps