Designed to Reduce Wind Resistance

HorseGuard recommends to set the posts at a maximum of 16 ft apart.
In windy areas the spacing of the posts can vary between 8 ft up to 12 ft.

What Horseguard has done to counteract the strong winds problem and increase the longevity of your fence since we invented the tape was:

  • To drastically increase the thickness of the filaments (metal and polyethylene) creating a very sturdy tape and a combination of open weave.
  • To recommend PUTTING TENSIONERS AT CORNERS AND GATES to exert a strong tension of the tape! Unless the tape is very tight it will flex in the wind, eventually snapping the stainless steel filaments and breaking the electric flow.
  • To recommend the USE OF HORSEGUARD INSULATORS that secure the tape preventing it from wiggling into them, and thus avoiding wear and tear.
  • DO NOT RECOMMEND TO TWIST THE TAPE to prevent it from flapping in the wind it will end up cutting the stainless steel threads.
This picture taken in a 40 mile per hour wind shows the HorseGuard tape holding steady (above) and a poor quality brand tape flapping below?

I have been using your fence for years now and it has been moved several times to many different sites. The webbing has lasted maybe 7 years now and the insulators have been moved at least 5 times now. I want to put more now. Thanks for a great product at very affordable prices.

Martine, California