Never… set the connection directly onto the tape!

On the starter post, for 2 strands, use 2 pairs of bi-polar jumper cables (#2BP59H) respecting the color code, “green up brown down” to connect them to each strands
through the buckles tensioners (#BP32 or #BP37).
The Bi-Polar charger connecting cable (#2BP59L) brings the power
from the charger to the buckle tensioner on top of the post (#BP32 or #BP37).


NEVER EVER mix the 2 systems! If you already have a “traditional” fence (Mono-Polar) do NOT connect it to your new Bi-Polar fence. They are two entirely different systems. If you still want to use both systems, Use ONE fence charger for the traditional, and ANOTHER fence charger for the Bi-Polar. Also, NEVER use the metal buckles of the Mono-Polar on your new Bi-Polar fence! Never use a ground rod with your new Bi-Polar installation.