It extends the tape 1ft from the post to keep animals away from the fence especially dangerous barbed wire or galvanized electric wires, rope, wooden fence, vinyl fence or even a wall or a tree, corner or gate post… or from any fence situation that might scare you or from wherever you need to protect your horse. The extender fits all type of posts, Wood Post, T-Post, Round metal post… They have been conceived for you to insert or attach to them our insulators and tensioners.
For wood post you will need lag bolts #LB50, and for T-Post or metal post wire ties #56T or straps #56B.
#13EX is sold by the unit

I have been waiting for extenders like these. I have had to make an alley fence to keep the stallion from testing the fence. Thanks for making NEW products to help us.

Sharon W. Cochize, AZ