The Gate Handle #11, The Ground Rod #2GR5

The Gate Handle #11

The gate handle #11 has a spring load on one end that connects to the tape, and a hook that is used to attach the #36W tensioner on your gate post. The insulated Gate Handle #11 allows you to have access into your pasture without turning your fence off. However, when your gate handle is unhooked, parts of your fence will be temporarily disabled until you reattach it.

If the tape is twisted change the position of the key to match the looped ends.

Electric current is able to go through the handle thus maintaining continuity. Opening it, will temporarily disconnect the portion of the fence beyond the gate.
The insulated handle allows you to open and close your pasture without risk of a shock to yourself.


In traditional electric fence tape, if your horse is not respecting the fence, 8 out 10 times the cause is poor grounding. The electricity must complete a full circle back to the charger through the ground. Poor grounding gives weak shocks and makes your fence ineffective.

The #2GR5 is a 5 ft galvanized ground rod with a clamp. It has a bayonet shape to improve penetration in hard soil.
Connect the negative terminal ground of the charger with one continuous wire to the ground rod using the special wire clamp. In a moist soil: drive a minimum of 2 ground rods into the earth.
In a less conductive ground: one option is to drive 2 to 5 ground rods, into the soil spaced at 7 feet apart, connected in series with thick wire. This will greatly improve the performance of the system and the shock intensity.

How do you know if your grounding is efficient?
Simply touch the ground rod. If you feel a tingle this means you need to increase the number of ground rods.

The Lightning Diverter #DIV53A comes with its own ground rod.

A lightning diverter does not guarantee complete protection.
It will not protect the fence charger from a direct strike.
If your fence is quite long it is wise to install additional lightning diverters along the line.

The Diverter is made of :
1 diverter +1 ground rod +1 copper cable