The HorseGuard T-PostGuard


The HorseGuard T-PostGuard, made in Illinois,
our most popular item,
make ordinary T-posts look like wood posts
at an affordable price but they also make your
dangerous T-Posts not dangerous anymore.
Decorative Functional Affordable
Safe UV protected Totally recyclable

The T-PostGuard kit allows you to cover 20 (5 ft) or 25 (4 ft) steel Tposts
and comes complete with ajustable post sleeves, caps and insulators?

The T-PostGuard with its own insulators and caps is inserted over a T-Post to transform your dangerous metal fence into a really attractive and safe fence.

The Kit can be used for 2,3,4, or 5 strands depending on your needs!

I purchased your fencing en 2008! It is oustanding . I put my fencing up by myself and the maintenance is almost nothing .It is so very adaptable when an area may need to be sectioned off I used T-Post Covers and put up the brown tape at 12 24 36 and 48 inches. This keeps my horses safe and secure. A bear even tried to get into the pasture to get mulberrys and was surprised when he touched the fence! He did not got any further In the winter the brown fencing is beautiful. Great Product!

Patricia H. Laurel Bloomery, TN
The T-post Guard kit is made of 20 sleeves (5 ft)
Each sleeve consists of 5 Segments (1 ft each )
+ 5 insulators + 1 cap



In order to make your sleeve, you stack up together the 5 segments. Then you insert the sleeve over the metal T-Post to transform your dangerous t-post fence into a really good looking, sturdy and safe fence. Once the sleeve is on, set the insulators and caps. The 
sleeve can also be purchased separately to complete your fence without ordering another kit.




The caps + insulators #TPCI can be purchased separately to top your T-Post fence without ordering a kit. They cover the top of the dangerous T-post, and fit snuggly onto it, secured by the insulator that you screw on the cap to hold one strand of tape.

To hold the other strands of tape onto the T-Post without the sleeve, use our insulators #8 (attached with a strap) in the color of your choice. Adding a little wire connected from the little loop on top of the cap to the tape will prevent the horse from wind sucking.

The T-PostGuard Kit #TP

Because the T-postGuards are made of segments (1 foot each) you can adjust the height of your fence… You can make it 4 or 5ft tall.

The Brown, Green or White kit contents :

20 SLEEVES 5ft (100 segments of one foot each, up to you to make it the size you want)

25 CAPS 100 INSULATORS / 1 per segment

The T-PostGuard Caps + Insulators #TPCI

Caps + Insulators can be ordered separately to top dangerous metal T-posts

T-PostGuard Sleeve #TPS

The T-PostGuard sleeves can be ordered separately in order to complete your fence without ordering an all new kit.

The T-PostGuard insulators alone #TPi

The T-PostGuard insulators can be ordered separately in order to complete your fence without ordering an all new kit.