The Mono-Polar and the Bi-Polar fence tapes are made of
29 totally UV resistant polyethylene threads,
2 stout bumpers and a combination of 10
wires interwoven into the top and bottom bumpers at the tape edges.
Each tape has a total of 10 stainless steel wires. Our stainless steel wires sizes are
26 Gauge/ 0.404mm. The larger the wire, the more electricity it will carry!
This combination has been added to provide cut protection and prevent
elongation, making it a stiffer tape, increasing strength,
effectiveness and protecting against wear.

How do they work?
For the Mono-Polar fence tape you
need a ground rod and a moist soil (normal, or good conductor),
because the electricity must complete through the ground rod a full circle back to the
charger, through the ground. Poor grouding gives weak shocks.

For the Bi-Polar fence tape you don’t need a ground rod
even with a sandy, snowy or rocky soil (bad conductors)
because we have put the two lines plus (+) and minus (-) on the same tape
and the fence will work whatever the ground conditions are!

In both cases
when the horse touches the tape

he connects himself for a fraction of a second!
Thereafter when the fence is electrified, after that painful
experience the horse will remember and respect that barrier!


NEVER EVER mix the 2 systems! If you already have a “traditional” fence (Mono-Polar) do NOT connect it to a Bi-Polar fence. They are two entirely different systems. If you still want to use both systems, Use ONE fence charger for the traditional, and ANOTHER fence charger for the Bi-Polar. Also, NEVER use the metal buckles of the Mono-Polar on your Bi-Polar fence! Never use a ground rod with your Bi-Polar installation.