All the Bi-Polar Basic items 1

Bi-Polar tape

Bi-Polar tape is the same quality as our traditional tape.
It has the same number of 0.016 inch Ø stainless steel wires but they are concentrated at the edge of the tape next to the bumpers instead of distributed evenly as in our traditional tape.

Insulator #8bl

The insulators supplied with Bi-Polar Fence are black ref #8bl but all our brands of insulators can be used with the Bi-Polar fence. The Bi-Polar Fence can also be installed on our T-PostGuard sleeves, on T-Posts or metal round posts attached with our new stainless steel cable ties #56T or straps #56B.
Little Light #BP15

This little flashy light is great,
you can see from the house what is going on with the fence.

Corner insulators

NEW ! Bi-Polar Spring Gate KIT #BP38KIT and #BP38

What is this #BP38KIT Kit made of?
  • 4 Lagbolts
  • 2 Round Clips (#RCLIPbl)
  • 2 Short Buckles (#BP37T)
  • 1 Long Spring Buckle (BP38)
  • 2 Tensioner Bases (same base as #BP37)
  • 1 Gate Handle (#BP13A)
  • Not included: A piece of your Bi-Polar tape

How to install the Bi-Polar Spring Gate KIT #BP38KIT


#BP12A BP gate handle for #9bl+ 2 lugs

#BP13A : gate handle and #BP32 tensioner

#BP13A : gate handle and #BP37 new tensioner

#BP13A gate handles conduct and fully respect the bi-polarity of the Bi-Polar
tape, they carry the electric pulse to the other side of the gate through the conductive stretchy
tape and through the buckle #BP37
They are so easy to set up.

3 Strands tape gates

#BP13A : gate handle and #BP32 tensioner